Remote Viewing: Why Bother?

Remote Viewing: Why Bother?

by Talia Shafir , MA , C.C.Ht. (copyright January 25, 2004)

I am frequently asked what Remote Viewing is “good for”.  That often evokes a smile because in this self-improving world of workshops for “whatever-ails-ya”, it does, at times, appear to be an offering on the auction block of fringe benefits.  Remote Viewing has been “sold” in a variety of wrappings - some having very little to do with what it really is, a controlled means to bring consciously collect information unavailable by any other common sensory means, verify the accuracy and present it for objective analysis.

One might also say that Remote Viewing is where science and spirituality catch up to one another.  It is a complexity of universal consciousness made accessible to the mind of humankind.  The irony of it is that it is not “remote” at all but an ability we all possess (albeit in varying aptitudes – like any other potential talent), a ‘muscle’ lying at the ready but one which we seldom flex voluntarily unless prodded by proclivity or trauma.

But even moreso, the art and science of Remote Viewing is an evolutionary tool helping us look past ourselves and our finite surroundings.  It is the building block upon which rests the ability to step out of ourselves and our archival, archetypal frame(s) of reference - the lens through which we view our world and speculate about others’.  If we develop the ability to transcend our perceptual filters, then it just may be possible to focus humanity on the similarities and begin to integrate the differences as variant yet masterfully designed parts of a whole.

There are times when I credit Remote Viewing with a reason to stop fighting myself.  Every target, every journey out into the matrix becomes a merging experience with the eye of creation.  And it also gives me a bird’s eye view of what lies beyond self (and other)-imposed limitations.  On the other side of that vista also lies an unerring, painstakingly truthful portrait of who I am, was and the many potential paths of “will be”.

There is no room for self-doubt in Remote Viewing.  There is no time or space for judgment and censorship for the remote viewer operates beyond time and space.  You are “there” before you know it, consciously using your senses in ways you’ve hardly dared to dream of before.  You’ve become captain of your own ship and exhilaration is your commission.

I can’t tell you that Remote Viewing will help you become a concert pianist if you’ve never played piano in your life or that you will go home and paint a Picasso-surpassing masterpiece.  I also can’t tell you that you won’t.  What I can convey is my (and a great many of my fellow remote viewers’) perception of having life open up to much greater dimensions.  It is an opportunity to experience omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence and bring that experience back to waking consciousness for the greater good.  Reframe “Be all that you can be”. It is a tall order well delivered.

Whether your livelihood involves picking fruit or holding the fragile fabric of life in your hands, Remote Viewing training will consciously move you past yourself into a can-do world of limitlessness.  Practical applications abound - yours for the asking.  I promise that Remote Viewing will show you things about yourself and plug you into the universal power supply that is our birthright.

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