by Talia Shafir , MA , C.C.Ht

(copyright January 21, 2005 )

One of the biggest challenges a remote viewer often encounters is explaining the difference between being “psychic” and/or using intuitive powers to “read” a person or situation and the science and skill of Remote Viewing.  Often, people who use their psychic skills professionally are not aware of the depth to which this ability can be developed.

Ironically, it is often those who consider themselves “psychic” that have the most difficulty at first.  This is because even though it’s called Remote Viewing, it is far more than just seeing or getting an impression. One must use one’s entire body, opening up to the nuances of the nervous system, to transcend the cognitive limitations of individual and globally filtered life experiences.

Imagine the difference between reading about an event and actually being there.  Remote Viewing is a multi-sensory experience that teaches you to detect, and decode any point in the matrix in any timeframe - past, present or future - or several simultaneously.  It teaches you how to safely translate the tangible and intangible elements of a place, an event, a person’s experience in any historical context, to explore things both of this planet and beyond - not just with your mind but with ALL of your inner senses.  It is even possible to track the experience of one or several people at the same time, in real-time, in several places at once. Or, as is my favorite, one can tap into the pre-cognitive – before the target has actually been chosen.

Remote Viewing is designed to actually open up the aperture we often refer to as the third eye and continue to widen the scope of conscious experiencing as training and practice progress.  In doing so, it teaches us about our own illusions and assumptions and how they unknowingly become woven into our professional practices, daily life and global events.  It also trains us to unlink them from our perception of the truth, making our results, in most cases, more accurate than ever before. It is that quintessential teaching of letting go of the outcome offered in an extremely concrete form.

Many people from many walks of life all have already been trained as remote viewers.  Of all of those, people who are aware of their intuitive skills and consider it part of their practice are usually most surprised by the development of their accuracy.  In my experience, this is one of the most unique and fundamental trainings available to those in the healing professions in particular.

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