Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

by Talia Shafir, MA, C.C.Ht.

copyright April 1, 2004

(from Voices of the New Earth, April/May2004)

Remote Viewing seems to be one of those elusive terms that we’ve somehow heard or read about but can’t quite define.   Many who have taken courses are still hard pressed to convey the experience to the uninitiated.

And there are those who have conscious awareness of their psychic abilities and are under the impression that this is Remote Viewing as well.

The original Department of Defense definition states that Remote Viewing is the learned ability to transcend space and time to view persons, places and things distant in space and time, gather information and report intelligence on same. For me, Remote Viewing is where science and spirituality catch up to one another.  It is a complexity of universal consciousness made accessible to the mind of humankind.    It is an ability we all possess, although some of us are born with an aptitude for it and others see themselves as closed off or skeptical.

Very few of us decide to focus on working our “psychic muscles” in the same way we commit to visiting the gym.  But Remote Viewing Training is just that, a commitment to exercising that part of us that is a functioning portal leading from survival to creativity.   Among the benefits of this training is that it expands our observational vocabulary, pushes us to let go of self-doubt and clearly teaches us to avoid assumptions and judgments in our interactions.  It also lets us experience the eternal nature of life.  RV moves us from belief to knowing

Most Remote Viewing instructors have been connected with the original top-secret military unit in one way or another.  I define myself as a second generation teacher.  I have trained extensively and further honed my skills by teaching others - even translating the material into a foreign language.  I have been spared the warrior’s agonizing task of beating swords into plowshares.  In effect, I was handed the plough.  I am amongst a handful so trained who have now taken up the task of seeding the fertile fields of human resourcefulness. It’s not exactly what I envisioned for myself when my high school guidance counselor asked me what I thought I’d like to be.

What convinced me of the importance of Remote Viewing was not only how it was taught to me but also the connection I made early on to the healing of trauma.  We are an extremely traumatized society both on the national and global levels.  Fear and intimidation are powerful tools of mass manipulation.  We go around and around in the victim/perpetrator cycle.  Ironically, Remote Viewing was birthed in such a climate.  Released to the light, it becomes an efficient intervention.

My therapeutic work emphasizes body-centered regression and a sensorimotor approach to trauma and long term post traumatic stress.  Our autonomic nervous system plays an extremely influential role in the formulation of our worldview and the decisions we make for ourselves and others. We make decisions all the time about people, places and things in our lives based upon  a reasoning process fraught with fragmented pictures of the past turned into present day limiting strategies and fear of the future born of mislabeling of the “unknown”.  It is difficult to move forward when the message you get from your brain tells you otherwise.  The big question always is “What is truth?”

For those of you who want to stand up and shout “But I do that in meditation or dreams or astral projection or shamanic journeying”  Yes, you do to a certain extent.  What separates Remote Viewing from other psychic phenomena is the ability of a remote viewer to bring back an enormous amount of detailed information in an organized fashion and separate it out from all the mental noise also present. The training expands the capacity of our brains and nervous systems to better cope with more information.  Remote Viewing will greatly improve the abilities of anyone who already uses psychic phenomena in his or her work or daily life as well as open up that channel to those who believe that they have absolutely no ability.

How does that happen?  Remote Viewing is a precise, deliberate protocol, well documented and researched, proven over time, a repeatable scientific experiment. Our ability to discern truth, to bring back accurate information from the matrix, to the extent we humans are able to be accurate, is what Remote Viewing is all about.  What often goes unsaid is that Remote Viewing is more defined by its process than by the results.  The focus of Coordinate Remote Viewing, the basic training, is structure.  It is the quintessential teaching of giving full attention to the path and not the outcome.  The success of the outcome, as is true in life, depends upon the absolute attention to now as the viewer moves in now around the target site.

And therein lays the ultimate definition of now. In Remote Viewing vernacular, “now” is tracking the experience of the body, mind and spirit while constantly keeping ones consciousness in motion.  In three-dimensional terms, it may seem like a contradiction.  But what replaces time in the fourth dimension is clarity of experience.  That clarity can only be obtained in the moment.  And the moment is always on the move.

Does that make Remote Viewing a substitute for therapy?  No, it does not.  Remote Viewing is not therapy.  What it does is flex the aperture of the nervous system, teaching us to expand the threshold for conscious absorption of fourth dimensional data, information that is coming to us all the time at growing speeds and greater volume.  In other words, Remote Viewing is a cautious yet thoroughly effective procedure that allows conscious gathering of information, regardless of geographical proximity or time constraints, without succumbing to overwhelm and subsequent shutdown of the system.  Remote Viewing causes our informational system to adapt so that we are able to consciously detect fourth dimensional data, the signal line, and bring it back to two dimensional data, otherwise known as paper and pen.

Throughout history, we are aware of a succession of great minds who, exhibiting what we refer to as genius, have attempted to explain their ability to bridge the gap of time and distance. They magically seem to operate in clarity devoid of the limitations of any prevailing illusions of impossibility.   In addition, most of us have had the experience of being “stuck” for a solution to a problem only to awaken at some odd hour with the answer having come from our dreaming depths.  From genius to the generic, we are constantly exposed to opportunities that confirm a window into the logic of the seemingly illogical.  There exists much clinical observation that our consciousness soars into the creative void when released from the bonds of analytical surveillance.

Remote Viewing is not just the ability to become clairvoyant or psychic.  It is a transforming process that occurs over time.  It is used for a variety of purposes, among them medical research, locating missing persons, animal communication, invention, overcoming creative blocks and a myriad of others yet to be discovered.

My mission is to call attention to Remote Viewing as a serious life skill. We live in a traumatized society, a traumatized world.  The victim/perpetrator cycle romps freely now through almost every culture imaginable.  Peace for those caught up in this cycle is impossible because the labeling of victim and perpetrator requires an external focus.  Peace emanates from an internal focus, a solid knowledge of center reflecting a functioning nervous system

We are literally bombarded with an overwhelming amount of frequencies (i.e. information) as we walk this embodied path. The frequency of our souls path, our purpose, is often obscured.  We are often cut off from the power of our own thoughts and our connection to information outside of ourselves…  Remote Viewing presents us with calibrated knowledge of our own unique interval, that frequency without which the universal orchestra would be playing a different tune.

Class after class, I watch students discover a new found sense of their own power.  I watch people use this teaching to launch into the unknown with eyes wide shut.  Viewers  emerge from their contact with the matrix filled with irrefutable knowledge of the continuity of consciousness- a new picture not only of who they are as individuals but as an integral part of all of creation   I invite you to realize your destiny as a Remote Viewer.

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