Past Lives

Past Lives

“I am dedicated to changing the face of therapy. I support an integrated approach that talks about “solutions” not “problems”.  When solutions from the past no longer serve us, we must seek to expand our awareness of available resources and generate new ones. The body holds the key to this door.”

Talia Shafir, MA, C.C.Ht.

Unresolved portions of past lives can influence the quality of our current existence.  Driven by an unconscious impulse to resolve and heal, our past life dramas are recreated in the present.

Feel as if you were born into the wrong family? Have a fascination for a certain culture or historical period? Suffer from chronic pain or illness? Have recurring dreams? Feel at home in a place you’ve never been before? Deja vu? Experience an emotional response out of sync with a current event? Plagued by a fear you can’t explain?  Panic attacks? Stuck in an old, unproductive pattern that just won’t quit?

While many types of therapy focus solely on the mental and emotional levels, integrating body awareness and spirituality with the mental and emotional aspects promotes profound, deep healing.  Accepting that behaviors, beliefs and physical symptoms can be carried across time and space allows a multi-dimensional release of traumatic residue.