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by Talia Shafir , MA , C.C.Ht

(copyright January 21, 2005 )

One of the biggest challenges a remote viewer often encounters is explaining the difference between being "psychic" and/or using intuitive powers to "read" a person or situation and the science and skill of Remote Viewing.  Often, people who use their psychic skills professionally are not aware of the depth to which this ability can be developed.

Ironically, it… Continue reading

Remote Viewing: Why Bother?

by Talia Shafir , MA , C.C.Ht. (copyright January 25, 2004)

I am frequently asked what Remote Viewing is "good for".  That often evokes a smile because in this self-improving world of workshops for “whatever-ails-ya”, it does, at times, appear to be an offering on the auction block of fringe benefits.  Remote Viewing has been "sold" in a variety of wrappings - some having very little to do with what… Continue reading